Video of Plenary up!

The Question of Sustainability Conference aims to build a movement for change within Canada. This conference provided the space for people within
Canada to interact with affected communities and each other, and the
conference format prioritized facilitating conversations focused on
solutions to ending corporate impunity.

Closing Comments from GordonGecko on Vimeo.

The Question of Sustainability is a conference dedicated to
examining the Canadian mining industry through the lens of
sustainability within ecosystems, human rights, culture, and economics.

Featuring speakers from Papua New Guinea, Chile, the Congo,
Guatemala, Tanzania and Peru, as well as many First Nations speakers
and academics from Canada. This conference brings together indigenous
people from the global south and the global north, and serves to
address some of the complex social, political and environmental issues
that relate to the imposition of extractive industries on traditional

more info

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Bios of speakers

(in alphabetical order)

for conference schedule and logistics, go here

The Beehive Collective: The Beehive Collective is an all volunteer non-profit graphics workshop who’s mission is to cross pollinate the grassroots by creating iconic imagery that can be used as popular education and organizing tools. They create graphic narrative murals that tell stories of neo-colonisation, corporate globalisation and grassroots resistance using metaphors illustrated in pen and ink.

Sergio Campusano, leader of the Diaguita Descent Community Los Huasco Altinos in Chile. Continue reading

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Conference details (now with speaker info linked to panels)

Please go to our “About” section to learn the details on the conference, recently updated with the speakers named for each panel.

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Amnesty International makes statement in support of the conference

just in from the National office…

Amnesty Canada¬†believes that the issues being discussed at the conference are very important to all Canadians. Amnesty supports this open dialogue and encourages AI members and others to attend in order to hear various viewpoints and participate in the ongoing debate regarding¬†human rights and the extractive industry.”

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Making banners for the conference

the image is made of masking tape on screen

the image is made of masking tape on screen

Today, we experimented with some new ways of making a bunch of banners for the conference. We decided to work on this new technique that neither of us had ever tried (or even heard of!) where we tear pieces of tape and put them on a screen, and then roll paint over them to make a negative imprint of our shape. So, it works a bit like a stencil in reverse. We should be able to make a bunch of banners with one image this way.

Juan taping up the image

Juan taping up the image

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Conference location confirmed!

We have a venue: Earth Sciences 1050 at the University of Toronto, and 3 breakout rooms in the same building. The auditorium can serve as a fourth breakout room and the hallway (with seats) a fifth if necessary.

for schedule, go here.

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Conference Flyer


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